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Based on 4 reviews
joseph stiklickas
joseph stiklickas
I had the pleasure of working with Mike a few years ago for my store, and I was absolutely thrilled with the outcome. I want to give a huge shoutout to the team for their incredible work and attention to detail throughout the project. The craftsmanship on the shelves they created was impeccable. Using high-quality white pine wood and integrating strategically placed lights truly made our products stand out. Their knowledge about carpentry and attention to detail in constructing these shelves was evident. It's amazing how they transformed the store's look and feel. The custom 30-foot bar counter they crafted was an absolute masterpiece! The combination of a sturdy butcher block for the top and the addition of reclaimed wood for that rustic touch was executed with such finesse. Their technique and expertise in woodworking were apparent, and customers loved gathering around that impressive counter. I have to mention the custom-built shelving unit—they really knocked it out of the park. Their use of top-notch birch wood showcased their skill and dedication to their craft. The precision in constructing such a substantial piece demonstrated their technique and expertise in carpentry. It's not just functional; it's a standout feature that sets the tone for the entire store. Overall, I couldn't be happier with Mike’s work. The attention to detail, his extensive knowledge about carpentry, his technique and expertise in executing these elements truly elevated the store's ambiance. It's a welcoming space that captivated customers, and it's all thanks to his exceptional work. If you're seeking a contractor who combines craftsmanship, knowledge about carpentry, and a keen eye for detail, I highly recommend reaching out to Sassone Carpentry Mid Atlantic. They'll bring technique, expertise, and a personalized touch to your project that's hard to beat!
Lisa Brodsky
Lisa Brodsky
Michael was able to schedule and complete new flooring in our house before our moving date. He is knowledgeable about materials and was able to order flooring promptly and efficiently. We went with engineered hickory and the floors look beautiful.
Eva Holisz
Eva Holisz
Mike was wonderful! He was reliable, and worked in the time frame I had and did amazing work, would definitely recommend and will use him again!
Michael came to do a repair on a bi fold closet door. He was very responsive and professional. Completed the job with no issues. Definitely recommend!!